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Italy and Canada
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RESTAURANT REVIEW via The Hamilton Spectator:
Alfredo's - small, simple and incredibly friendly



"We have ordered from here on numerous occasions, and have found this to be the best pizza not only on the Mountain, but all of Hamilton. We ordered thin crust, well done, with a variety of toppings, and we are always guaranteed the best pizza ever! We will never go anywhere else! The owner is incredible...truly the best! Absolutely nothing like the usual pizza chains. This is authentic!" -- JD2

Excellent service and food

"The people are so friendly at Alfredo's Place, and they take a great deal of pride in their food. Excellent home-made pizza with lots of toppings, and the pizzas are larger than average. So much better than the chains!" -- Alex

This place is delicious

"This place is absolutely delicious. They are so friendly, things take a little longer, but it's well worth the wait. The pizza is so authentic, the pasta portion was huge and the veal was like butter." -- Sara E

Best Pizza Place in Hamilton

"Best pizza place in Hamilton! The people working there are very friendly. They make a taco pizza that is literally the best thing I've ever eaten. Highly recommend this place!!" -- JackieR

Massive, delicious pasta dishes

"We order Alfredo's take out at least once a month in the office. The pasta meals are colossal and enough to feed two people. Had the spaghetti & meatballs, meat ravioli, chicken parm, and special sandwich. It was delicious. Great value for money.
My only gripe is that he's closed on Mondays, but making all that pasta must tire him out." -- Susie

We only go to Alfredo's Place for our pizza

"We only go to Alfredo's Place for our pizza, it is the best in the city, not only is the pizza have not had a sub/sandwhich till you have had the "Alfredo's Special Sandwhich", it is the ultimate in great!!!! you really have to try one." -- Kennedy Family


"I have ordered from Alfredo's in the past and am amazed at what pride the owner Alfredo takes in making a pizza. This man is like an artist when he makes a pizza. He takes his time in making sure the pizza has just the right amount of toppings. The dough and ingredients are all freshly prepared daily.

The pizza I had was excellent and the panzarotti was more then enough for my 2 kids!" -- Zing

The Best Ever

"A friend of ours asked to try Alfredo's since he was a good friend of Alfredo. Since our first try, we will not go anywhere else for pizza!!
Not to mention, their panzerotti's are fantastic and you order them by pizza size, which means ordering a large panzerotti uses the same amount of dough and fillings as if you ordered a large pizza. The price cannot compare. It is so well priced and so delicious.
Alfredo & staff make everyone feel welcome and put each pizza is made with care!" -- DM

Alfredo is #1

"It was great is fresh and well prepared by Mr Alfredo...his friendly smile brings you back and if your a regular you are a friend for life!!! Alfredos is #1" -- Greg M

We were greeted by Alfredo himself

"We where greeted by a Alfredo himself at the counter. We place our order for a large Pizza with Pepperoni, Bacon, and Meatball. Watching this man make pizza is like watching an artist paint a picture. The toppings were fresh and abundant and the meatballs where to die for. Hard to beat the price of less than ten dollars. I would highly recommend Alfredos Place." -- Bill Kingston


Thank you to all our customers for bringing Alfredo's to your place!
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